Introduction – The Elephant Your Business Needs To Eat

The Elephant Your Business Needs To Eat – Introduction To Internet Marketing Strategies

In today’s buffet of marketing and advertising, it’s hard to tell where to start. Just trying to manage social media pages today is overwhelming. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instragram, Pinterest, Flick’r, and YouTube all have different ways to interact, create content, and appeal to an audience of varying demographics and expectations. And if you get all those down, there’s always the next “big thing” to learn, such as This seemless never ending process of keeping up, creating content, and strategic planning is neverending.

The more anyone delves into Internet Marketing, the more complex its realized how challenging it is to create content and present it in a fashion that attracts its target audience. Web specialists pushing their wares tell the small business they have to be everywhere and the small business realizes it can’t afford to do it. It’s simply too much from both a time and financial perspective.

It’s not hard for anyone to feel a sense of being defeated when reading a list of marketing resources, such as social media, business card design, market research, web development, search engine marketing, rack cards, video creation, SEO, email marketing, direct marketing, blog content, business introduction kits, media kits, sales funneling, and paid advertising. What’s even more mind-boggling is this list doesn’t address the subtle nuances of tracking, metrics, and on-going fine-tuning needed on each of these marketing outlets.

Given this daunting task, its no wonder that businesses buy cheap business cards using preset designs, hire an amatuer to create their website/buy a website builder subscription, create their content, build their logo using clipart designs, and create a Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn profile with sparce content.

The path portrayed above has led the majority of businesses to mediocrity or failure. But what is a business to do? This elephant is too much for a small business to eat.
The trick is not to “do” everything and redefine your marketing approach. Your business needs to maximize its resources to survive. This means choosing wisely where your time, energy, and money is spent.

I am reminded of a CIO of which I have great respect. One of his popular, undoubtly unoriginal comments inspired this section. Whenever an overwhelming project crossed his desk with a high degree of complexity, he would look at his team and say, “How do you eat an elephant?”, then he would pause for a second and say “One bite a time.” This is the approach you will have to integrate into your marketing strategy or you will be consumed.

A tool is only useful if it serves a purpose. If a business offers Accounting Services, probably a jackhammer isn’t high on the office supply list. It doesn’t mean a jackhammer isn’t an incredible tool if you need to break-up concrete. It just means the accounting firm has no use for it.

Your business should always start with a strategic plan with goals and then incorporate the tools more likely to accomplish that strategy. If the tool doesn’t fit the job, don’t do it. If you instill this mindset in your marketing strategy, it will bring clarity.

It’s Just Part Of The Internet Marketing Puzzle

This book will help you create and implement a strategy for two of the more universal Internet components of business: A Website with Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This guide will help you understand what realistically is needed to compete when it comes to these two Web necessities as you create a viable strategy.

Ultimately, its up to you to decide if you are ready to make a serious commitment. I can say emphatically when it comes to web development and search engine optimization, its the most abused, overpromised, under-delivered, and mispresented more often than anything I have ever seen in my career.

Without direction, your business is easy prey to any number of snares on the web. This book is designed to educate you about the reality of the web, help orient you to a “strategic plan and implement philosophy”, and give you a stronger foundation.


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