Wrapping Things Up

Wrapping Things Up

The funny thing about failure is it has some consistent characteristics. It looms not only in the mindset of “Do something. I know what I like when I see it.” or “I will do something cheap and if it starts to work then I will do more.”, but it’s also firmly buried in inaction and misguided direction.

Hopefully by now you are beginning to see that all your marketing is a great tapestry organized to help you understand and serve your customers. Its a carefully crafted strategy to help your business to effectively compete in your market while fighting off the wolves of deception. Each move you make has to be guided by a strategic plan and professional leadership.

Every small business understands their products, services, and customer service has to meet a high standard. Its unfortunate that so many businesses do not translate this same level of attention to their marketing and advertising. They trust a web designer to slap together a site or a person that uses Facebook to be the official representative of their business on the web.

The people most businesses hire for their marketing wouldn’t trust to sell their product, talk to a customer, or contribute to any meaningful decision within their organization, yet they are the ones with the potential to reach and influence more people than anyone else.

Look, everyone knows its easy to fail by doing nothing, but just like not involving your expertise into your business, neglecting your marketing will make failure a costly proposition. I encourage you to take your marketing effort to heart, understand your customers and treat it as the most essential aspects of your business. Your business can’t afford to habitually throw money as half-hearted attempted guided by inadequacy or a sensationalistic pitch.
And finally, marketing is not a series of disconnected advertisements loosen stitched together with the common attributes of a logo and phone number. It’s not paying a developer to look over your Adwords campaign once a year or updating your company profile.

Marketing should be a harmonious blend across all your advertising sources tethered securely with a marketing strategy cultivated with intention to engage your demographic. This means every ad, every message, and all efforts should come together an intelligible fashion. Your advertising should be tracked and adjusted to maximize your ROI.

Fight the urge of the Sirens that will take you down a path of fictional success, glory, sensationalism, and easy. Put your effort and heart into your marketing like you do in every other aspect of your buisness. Give it everything you have and I wish you the absolute best of luck in acheiving your business goals.

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