Five Critical Truths About Small Business Web Development

Five Critical Truths About Small Business Web Development

It’s commonplace to talk to a new prospect, hear their horror story and their wasted investment trying to utilize the web. Here are a few critical truths to consider when looking for a web developer.

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

Anyone can say they build websites.

The person offering your business web development could be a person that took a few classes “on the basics”, bought a PC, and started a business. As one of our clients put it, “the internet is like the wild west.” You need to be careful selecting a web developer.

It’s More Profitable For Web Designers To Cut Corners.

I talked to a freelancer about a month ago. His strategy for web development was to buy a theme, hire someone at O-Desk to write some copy, and host the website using a cheap service. One thing that stuck out in my mind was a statement he made, “How else can you make a quick $1200?” Keep in mind, this type of workflow is part of the reason most businesses fail online.

You don’t understand the details… and it’s the details that matter.

Unethical or amatuer designers bank on the fact you don’t know the difference between cheap hosting and more expensive solutions. They don’t want you to know a theme will not bring success and a website builders are business killers. Custom web development leverages success in your favor.

Most sales pitches are deceptive or outright lies.

Some of my “favorites” are: 99.9% uptime with hosting companies (they base it on monthly usage, not annual usage), Guaranteed SEO (NO REPUTABLE company can guarantee it), Getting found on Google is easy (it’s very difficult), and website builders/themes/or poorly developed custom web designs will get the job done.

ALWAYS have a goal when building your website.

You don’t hire a salesperson just because other businesses have salespeople. You hire salespeople with goals in mind. Having a website without goals is like going on on a trip without knowing the destination.

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