Dedicated Servers Vs. Cloud Servers At Rackspace

Dedicated vs Cloud Hosting At Rackspace

We love Rackspace. It’s that simple. In today’s world of hosting where most brands have been acquired by one large company and their service quality has diminished greatly. Most people don’t know that the majority of hosting companies are owned by the same company  – click here.

But even within Rackspace there is a debate between dedicated servers vs. their much cheaper cloud solution. I have noticed that since we migrated to Rackspace many of our competitors have jumped on board with Rackspace, but they selected the much more cost-effective cloud solution versus dedicated. No doubt they can leverage the brand, but are they offering the same quality as web firms that subscribe to a fully managed dedicated hosting service?

So I went digging… and Rackspace has a nice article that explains the value of dedicated managed services vs. their cloud services.

So here is the first big difference… UPTIME & SUPPORT

“…making it a great solution for large businesses, those that for regulatory reasons require exceptionally high levels of data security, or organisations that have predictable demand necessitating all of their servers running 24/7/365. Businesses would typically need the IT capacity and expertise to manage the ongoing maintenance.”

Although Rackspace is the king, there is a big difference in a dedicated server vs cloud.

This article also provides some insight into the difference.

Although anything at Rackspace is better than virtually anywhere else in our book, the benefits of a dedicated server at Rackspace far outweigh the offering of a cloud-based solution. The cloud solution is good from a financial perspective, but can’t give the security and stability of a dedicated solution. For now, we will stick with the dedicated servers.

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