Web Development Myths

How To Have A Successful Website

In working with clients all over the US and beyond, we have identified numerous myths about the web.

Myth #1 – A website will eventually make it to the top of Google.

TRUTH: This will not happen aside from a miracle. Businesses are deliberately fighting to get on the top of Google. A website with static content and a few images simply will not experience top page success.

TIP: Did you know its possible to be on the top of Google and it be worthless to your company? Many SEO firms target useless keywords as a deceptive tactic. Check out our Survival Guide to learn more.

Myth #2 – There are a lot of hosting choices.

Most hosting companies are owned by the same organization. It’s useless to compare these companies as they all use the same resources. Here is a list of hosting companies owned by the same company as an example. This is a big deal because online reviews and brand reputation are typically based prior to their acquisition.

Myth #3 – It’s better to have a standalone website on standalone hosting.

TRUTH: Let’s face it: We all want to be in charge of our own destiny, but it’s no longer a viable option. You need a system that addresses security, reliable hostings, regular updates, and support. Hiring for these needs on an as-needed basis will lead to multiple developers using different techniques, which in turn, leads to an unstable site.

At MaxWebGear, we invest substantially in dedicated hosting, security, and a powerful platform to develop custom websites upon. We then can bundle these tools at a cost-effective price to you. Website development is a serious business that requires serious expertise.

TIP: Be smart about hosting and never accept “proprietary hosting” or “hosting inhouse” as an answer from a web firm. We are proud to offer dedicated (not cloud) hosting at Rackspace.

Myth #4 – Just “being there” is enough.

TRUTH: It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a Facebook page, email newsletter, or website; without a strategic plan, it will be ineffective. If you don’t have a comprehensive plan in place and intentions of a serious effort, save your money.

Myth #5 – The web doesn’t work for certain businesses.

TRUTH: This myth is the result of bad web services. Most web services are ineffective. They can offer a pretty design or nice theme, but when it comes to actually generating ROI, they simply don’t work.

Myth #6 – Websites can’t target local areas.

TRUTH: Websites and online marketing can target a specific geographic area. This hasn’t been a problem for a long time.

Myth #7 – SEO is a one time cost.

TRUTH: If you want the bad guys smell fresh blood, request SEO services as a one-time cost. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization – The process of gaining visibility with Google and others, requires a one-time and subscription-based program. You will NOT get to the top of Google with a one time cost. SEO is the process of building your business reputation over a period of time.

TIP: SEO Requires at least a 6 month commitment. Building your reputation takes time. Anyone that tells you that you can be on top page in less time is either being deceptive or talking about paid advertising.

Myth #8 – There are a lot of good web development options.

Most businesses fail. This is because they typically use inadequate solutions like website builders, outsourcing, themes, cheap hosting, and unqualified designers. With online web design courses and cheap software, the web is PLAGUED with poor choices. Good web development requires much more than what most can offer.

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