Asheville Web Design – A Lesson In Demographics

Asheville Web Design – A Lesson In Demographics

MaxWebGear operates in one of the most eclectic places in the United States: Asheville, North Carolina. It’s a hodgepodge of religion, race, and culture blended together in away that combines yet still differentiates. From the Art District to the Biltmore House, this diversity is engrained in this little place called Asheville.

But it’s also a lesson in the importance of understanding demographics. As I have traveled across the US, I have found that many cities from San Antonio, TX to Kansas City, MO are embracing this same type of dynamic atmosphere and revolutionizing America.

As I was traveling through Asheville this week, I realized on a whole new level how important it is to resonate with your target market & geographic expectations. In this great melting pot, it has substantially complicated the need to live and breath the local environment if you want offer a service that meets the expectations of this new identity.

As a web designer, I would not feel comfortable designing a client in Russia, India, or the Middle East. I haven’t had an opportunity to absorb their demographic. Oh sure, I could Google some images and read all the Wiki’s I could find, but it would still be a superficial understanding where idiosyncrasies would clumsily be trampled by my Western interpretation.

At MaxWebGear, we have habitually encouraged other countries to seek local talent that understands their demographics better.

Our design agency has the unique privilege of understanding America and as such, we are equipped to understand the challenges of American business while embracing this revolution of culture.

We have also made it a point to concentrate on America and specifically the continental US east of the Mississippi because we simply live it and understand it.

Living in Asheville, North Carolina and designing websites and other collateral on a regular basis has equipped us to not only create relevant creative material, but also develop intrinsic relationships with our clients where we become part of their team to mutually work to grow their organization without the interference of barriers associated with different cultures.

I am sure that many businesses will be tempted to use more cost-effective sources outside the US, but I strongly encourage you to consider the negative impact having someone from another culture attempting to connect with that of the US.

The web is too competitive to forgive on such an important matter.

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