Print Publications Are Fighting Death…

Print Publications Are Fighting Death…

The web is continuing to grow and is more accessible than ever. Everything is pushing toward a more advanced and integrated web experience. The web is instant, quick, and accessible 24 hours a day. While this is perfect for the general population, it has meant bad news for newspapers, magazines, phone books, and other print publications. They are simply becoming, or have become, a useless dinosaur.

But like all businesses they are fighting to stay alive and unfortunately hurting small businesses in the process. There weap0ns to sell you on their services is a long-standing brand name and traditional reputation.

A Real Story Of A Business That Bought These Services

I met a chiropractor about two months ago and he bought an “internet marketing package” from a local newspaper. They used all the buzzwords to sell this chiropractor on their services and assured him success. The results were dismal. When he met me for a consulation, he felt the web was a gimmick because the newspaper’s attempt at internet marketing was a failure. He said he didn’t receive a single lead from their services.

In looking at their services, they were basically offering him an Adwords campaign, some backlinks, and some form of nebulous ORM (online reputation management). Basically this small business was paying a lot of money (and I mean a LOT OF MONEY)  for something that this very well known newspaper was not equipped to provide.

Below are a few facts about most of these plans I have encountered with print publications:

  • They don’t “get” Adwords. While anyone can setup an Adwords campaign, monitoring the campaign, adding negative keywords, and optimizing the campaign is beyond the scope of their business model. In other words, it will cost a lot and produce very little when you hire one of these resources.
  • They tend to use complicated language to conceal their services. For example, instead of using a term like Adwords. They use “remarketing”, “advertising network” and other terms that make it seem like they are doing things more complicated.
  • The offer high ranking backlinks. Most offer around 100-200. You can do this via Yahoo for a $90 every three months and do so in an hour or so.
  • While some of their services may be beneficial, it’s not a total solution. Without a plan filling in the blanks, these are doomed to fail.

What to do:

  • Don’t bite… these are print publications fighting for a revenue stream. They are not built to handle internet marketing on the scale they are attempting.
  • Get a COMPLETE plan from a professional and then if part of their offering fit into it, then let a professional make that determination.
  • Don’t waste money. Newspapers know that most businesses don’t track what marketing works and what doesn’t.
  • Don’t trust the metrics they provide. Run your own tracking and validate everything they submit to you.
  • Never buy a website package or internet marketing solution from them. It’s as bad as website builders.

We talk to these organizations behind the scenes. They often approach us to offer their services as PART of our plan – WHICH IS GREAT. But as a stand-alone service, it’s a sad substitute for a real plan.

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