Branding Builds Trust & People Choose What They Trust

Branding burns confidence in the minds of people looking for your goods and services. Don't let poor branding services, clipart and unguided design cripple your business potential. Experienced marketing and design professionals know that your prospects need to see your brand consistently before they trust your company.


Effective Branding Facts Every Business Should Know

  • People buy what they trust.

    Your potential future customers need your company burned in their minds. A customer needs to recognize your business many times before choosing you instantly. Slight changes in your branding don’t register your future customers’ mind, or worse, causes them to doubt the trustworthiness of your brand.

  • Don't Ignore Logo Design Rules.

    Certain rules are always true with logo development. They need to be clean, simple, unique, and original. Unfortunately, most logos created today are overly complex, contain partially pirated artwork, or are non-reproducible at different sizes.

  • The Science of Color Is Not A Subjective Decision.

    Colors and color combinations mean different things to different people. For example, using black in one context could mean death and in another exclusivity. So your brand expert has to understand color psychology and your target audience.

  • A Local brand service is the cure for failed branding.

    There is no substitute for design work created by professionals that live in your service area. We are US-owned & operated.

  • Clever is another word for confusion, and confusion kills.

    Many branding services get overly cute or ambiguous with important messaging such as taglines. The worse thing you could do is confuse your offer with unclear language.

  • Be grateful for freelance sites and inexperienced designers.

    Your logo sets the tone, and most businesses give this mission-critical job to the lowest bidder—this is great news for serious businesses.

  • Branding Guidelines Keeps You Consistent.

    Branding is more than a logo, colors or a tagline. It's how you use images, borders, corners, and verbiage. 

  • Unique website features break brand continuity.

    Sliders, galleries, and other effects may not mesh with your branding. The website features chosen must compliment the feel of the overall branding. This factor is another reason templates don’t work for serious business.

  • Different Designers Create Havoc on Branding.

    IntegrisDesign® can handle all your design needs. This translates to a consistent and cohesive strategy.

  • There is nothing easy about color consistency.

    Colors translate differently from print to digital. We get color theory and how to make your color usage predictable. We can also help make your colors within an acceptable tolerance for gang printing.

  • Most businesses underestimate what's needed.

    Freelancers, college students, and agencies that outsource to unqualified designers are hired by businesses every day to shape the most important elements of their business. Because they don't live in the marketing world, they are easy prey for ineffective solutions and their competitors love it.

  • We Offer Live Design Sessions

    Learn more about how Live Design Sessions will save you time, money, and peace of mind. Read More.

More Than A Designer - We're Fully Engaged With Your Success

One of our most intrinsic values is that you have access to a real professional. You are not working with a salesperson, a career freelancer, an unengaged agency, or frustrating outsourced chat systems. We are located in the US and work during US working hours (EST). We also offer award-winning SEO, Google Ads Management, email marketing, social promotion campaigns, and more. Our services are proven.

Do You Need To Find More Customers?

Do You Need To Find More Customers?

Since 2006, our focus has been to create a cost-effective & trusted service for marketing & design. We offer a complete solution that includes consultation, planning, design, marketing & support. We know our customers by name and take the time to understand what makes their business unique.