An Ineffective Website Is Exactly What Your Competitors Want You To Have. they don't care if it's pretty.

We understand finding the right web design service is a challenge. Prices sway greatly and everyone tells you they have the best service at the right price. If you already have a website, you're probably wondering if the internet's value is overblown or maybe it's not right for your business. You are not alone, we talk to businesses all the time and it's a recurring theme. Learn the truth and everything will change for your business.

Effective Web Design Facts Every Business Should Know

  • The first step in web design is not the design; it's planning

    If a web designer begins with a set of features and a package price, you are off to a bad start. If it starts with a design, then it's a horrible start. Your business is unique and your customers are too. The only way for a web design agency to build an effective website is to get to know your business first.

  • Your website design must be able to change quickly

    After a website launches, there is an immediate need to watch what website visitors do on the website. We often have to change photos, text, videos, and other items to increase visitor interactions. See how flexible our services are by clicking here.

  • Design is much more than picking out something pretty

    One of the first questions we ask new customers is, "would you rather than a pretty website that does nothing or a website you don't like that sells?" Everything should be built to meet your customers' expectations. If you don't do the research, the design will not resonate with your customers. It doesn't matter how the website looks if it doesn't contribute to the sales cycle effectively.

  • Most designers don't plan correctly

    Planning requires continual education; it's not fun, and requires a lot of work. It's much easier to sell a pretty design with no substance. it also takes more resources to build custom plans and requires the designer to invest in costly tools to do it correctly. In marketing, we regularly see extremely effective websites that are basic, but highly planned and well executed.

  • You should never choose a web designer based on price or a portfolio

    Portfolios are deceptive and don't relate to your needs. At best, it should be an indicator of general design competence. Prices are completely unregulated and don't guarantee the quality of service. The main criteria should be years of experience, certifications, partnerships, demographic understanding, and awards. These are hard to fake with templates.

  • Everything matters in web design

    Your messaging has to be clear and resonate with your customers. There are also concepts to consider such a funneling, call-to-actions, and many other factors. These critical factors consider the website visitor's mindset, philosophy, and psychology. A prime example is the factors involved in choosing a domain name.

  • No one serious uses DIY builders

    In marketing, professionals know that DIY website builders are for uneducated businesses that think choosing a design and uploading some photos will garner success. You must avoid these solutions at all costs. You will paint yourself in a corner and have to deal with a costly rebuild if you use a DIY Builder.

  • Your Website Must have a solid foundation

    One service offered by IntegrisDesign® is to evaluate web services. We regularly see agencies use cheap, unreliable hosting and poor domain management practices. This is like building your house on sand. Agencies and freelancers love cheap hosting because they can hide where they buy hosting and charge a premium fee.

  • Businesses that spend money for expertise are not dumb

    Succeeding on the web is tough. General copy and photos, along with a theme, is a dinosaur dying a slow death. Real expertise is needed to give your business a chance to compete. AI, templates, and automated services are great tools but only if managed by experienced real people.

  • It's easier to sell fantasy than reality

    Most businesses want success but don't know how to qualify a web design service, so they usually fall for the best pitch, lowest price, or best portfolio. A solid website requires collaboration, a lot of homework, and industry-leading expertise. Most businesses are willing to spend a little to do nothing which is good for businesses serious about success.

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