We understand you want a marketing service that is quick, cost-effective and easy. The problem is it doesn't exist.

We understand you want a marketing service that is quick, cost-effective and easy. The problem is it doesn't exist.


As Administrative Pastor of New Life Community Church Asheville, I want to commend Integris Design for the creation and maintenance of our website as well as their consulting acumen which keeps us at such high SEO rankings. Surveying our guests each month, better than 9 out of 10 say they “checked us out” first based on what they saw through our website and that our rankings were front and center.

Mark Carlson, Executive Pastor
New Life Community Church

Internet Marketing Facts Every Business Should Know

  • Are your Google® Ads Managed By A Google® Partner?

    Google Ads requires time and experience to make it work effectively for your business. We can help you sleep easy knowing your ad budget is carefully managed by certified expertise.

  • Internet Marketing Does not start where you think it does

    Internet marketing begins before web design. Frequently, businesses start with the design and then move into marketing. This is a huge mistake. Research drives everything from site architecture to color usage.

  • internet Marketing Does Not Mean You Should Be everywhere

    It doesn't matter how small or big your business is; you have a limited budget. You need to focus on where your customers spend their time on the web.

  • internet marketing is the easiest way to waste money for your business

    In 2021, we've spent over 60 hours in continual education with Google Ads. So why is it that you can start a Google Ads account in less than an hour? It's because there is a low-tech way to set up accounts that will spend your money in the wrong places. You can easily waste money in SEO, paid ads, social media and web design if you are not careful.

  • If your SEO person asks you to choose keywords, it's a bad sign

    Search Engine Optimization should be driven by analytical data backed by real search volume research, but even those numbers are usually heavily redacted by Google®. SEO should begin with keyword research using tools such as SEM Rush and Google Keyword Planner, but should be qualified in your service area with an ad campaign before serious optimization.

  • the goal is to get customers - not traffic

    Planning is critical. Up to 90% of the typical website's traffic never engages with the business. Without proper website development, internet marketing will lead to customer loss and higher Google Ad cost-per-click.

  • Funneling is a critical concept

    Did you know that you can determine where a customer is in the buying cycle by doing keyword research and philosophical understanding? You should adjust your plan (and budget) based on the customer's intent.

  • Website design & internet marketing are different disciplines

    Most web designers generate more money by selling marketing services in which they are not qualified to offer. The web is largely unregulated, which is why certifications and relevant experience are critical when choosing your marketing expert.

  • Be careful with terminology

    There is a big difference between terms such as impressions, clicks, and conversions. Sometimes these numbers are abused to mislead the effectiveness of marketing.

  • Your website design better be extremely flexible

    After a website launches, there is an immediate need to watch what website visitors do on the website. We often have to change photos, text, videos, and other items to increase visitor interactions. See how flexible our services are by clicking here.