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Many businesses face challenges when seeking a web design and marketing service that delivers impactful results. IntegrisDesign® specializes in seasoned strategic planning, web design expertise, and accredited marketing services, aiming to assist in achieving your goals and fostering the growth of your business.

Four Choices To Meet Your Needs

Full Service Design & Marketing Services

Designed for businesses seeking comprehensive support, our full-service plan covers every aspect of your business strategy from inception to execution. Ideal for those seeking a collaborative partnership to manage their brand presence effectively. As we prioritize personalized service, availabilities are limited.

Component Design & Marketing Services

For businesses in need of specialized assistance, whether it's web design, print design, consultation, drone flights, or videography, we're here to bridge the gaps in your marketing and design needs. Our service not only addresses these specific requirements but also offers valuable insights to enhance your existing marketing endeavors.

Self-Guided Web Design Services

Our plan caters to web designers, IT companies, and small businesses seeking specialized support. For web designers and IT firms prioritizing web design, we oversee WordPress environments and hosting, allowing them to concentrate on their core expertise. Similarly, for small businesses handling daily tasks, we manage infrastructure and provide ongoing support.

Web Coaching

Our plan caters to businesses seeking a hands-on approach to optimize their website and Google Ads with professional guidance. Through regular Zoom sessions, we collaborate closely with your team to gradually enhance your website and marketing strategies. Clients appreciate this plan for its cost-effectiveness, educational value, and the transparency it offers in understanding real-time progress.

About Integris Design, LLC

Integris Design, based in Western North Carolina, offers a comprehensive suite of consultation, design, and marketing solutions since our establishment in 2006. Below are several reasons to consider partnering with Integris Design, LLC:

  • Personalized service: We prioritize knowing our clients by name, resulting in a high customer-retention rate.
  • Versatile solutions: As an agile company, we provide a complete range of services, addressing virtually any business need.
  • Trusted partnerships: Our direct client collaborations and network of trusted partners reflect the trust our clients have in our services.
  • Certified expertise: With certifications from Google®, Constant Contact®, and crucial licenses like FAA drone operation, we ensure professional standards in our work.
  • Reliable resource: Amidst confusion and misinformation, clients value our role as a trusted advisor, providing clarity and direction.
  • Quality infrastructure: We invest in top-tier components for our infrastructure, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Human-centered approach: We steer clear of frustrating technology like bot-support and automated systems, opting instead for a simple answering service to direct calls, prioritizing human interaction.
  • American-owned and operated: Our business proudly operates within the United States.
  • Our founder, Ken Carroll, has over 30 years in marketing and design. This experience gives your business the same advantage as larger corporations.

At Integris Design, we prioritize personalized service, reliability, and human interaction, ensuring that our clients receive exceptional support and solutions tailored to their needs.


I cannot say enough good about IntegrisDesign and would highly recommend them to everyone, whether it be individuals or establishments, small needs or large needs. AND their fees are very competitive.

Bahia Brenda Abrams
Author - Alien at Home: Divine Intervention: The Life of Elie Sutton