Real People With Extreme Experience

Our family business is dedicated to giving businesses a vital resource for all their consultative, design, and marketing needs. Our strategy is simple. We offer a realistic solution based on over 25 years of experience.

In a world where designers pull templates and create promotional pieces without a proper understanding of design and marketing, we stand out in that we offer an experience guarantee.

We have five children, two grandchildren and are active members of our local church, which we've attended for almost 15 years. We prefer to work with clients who want a friendly, personalized alternative to automated and unfriendly services.

The Reality of Business Owners

Most business owners don't have the time or desire to learn marketing, so they default to trusting an agency or freelancer. This is dangerous because the business owner will fall for the best sales pitch and not the best service. Ken Carroll wrote a book years ago (don't bother reading it, the content is outdated), but it was an attempt to warn businesses that most of the services are performed by services that garner little-to-no results.

The simple truth is most agencies use poor hosting and unqualified services, but they charge a premium price.

Our Promise to You

We will do everything possible to serve you honorably and effectively. We will continually advance our education and certifications along with our services. We will invest in the best possible technology and support your business as though it's ours.

-Ken & April Carroll, Co-Founders of Integris Design, LLC