Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

AI is the latest craze that has everyone talking. In a world where humans can't define consciousness, this tech is an enigma. Staying on the edge of technology is always a challenge and understanding both where AI is in regards to marketing and where its going is a journey laced with confusion.

Below is an Image built on AI we used in our coaching series


Frankly, there are a lot of mistakes happening every day with AI. First, Like Canva®, the human mind is quickly discerning clip art from custom art. Clip art and canned design creates skeptism and as businesses lean on tools like ChatGPT, there could be a knee-jerk reaction to conscious humans that begin to recognize AI. This can result in people feeling cheated or deceived and hurt branding. So like any other tool, in the right hands used in the right way, it can help. Jumping into it without carefully considering the ramifications of your brand, can damage your brand in ways we also don't fully understand right now.

A Short Song Generated Using AI

In a few minutes with minimal direction, AI created this song for Integris Design LLC

At Integris Design, we are not blind to AI's potential, but we also are aware of the human mind and its ability to filter out canned content. AI is not sentient but is extremely powerful. We can tell you that AI is a strong tool to help with things like Google Ads and creatives, but uncontrolled, the ROI is horrible and the graphics only make sense within a grander scheme. The challenge is to both understand the technology and when to use it.

There are a lot of considerations that AI is frankly, very poor at when it comes to marketing and design. So think of AI as additional ingredients for a recipe, but it's not replacing the chef.

We would argue you need to use AI very carefully. Let's consider SEO as a basis. SEO is a complex recipe that no one fully knows who works in marketing. Sure, we have our ideas and try to leverage that knowledge, but search engines are always adjusting their ranking metrics to keep people from gaming the system.  As people use AI to create content and use it to create technically correct meta tags and content with the perfect amount of keyword density, search engines will need to make adjustments to keep the SPAMMers and poor quality services from corrupting search results. Human error and human content could be that difference. People are starting to detect AI and search engines will need to create a metric to help identify the difference or they will go the way of the dinosaur. So in some ways, AI could be the very thing that contributes to the destruction of Big Tech as we know it today.

Another example is abstract thinking. While AI can create abstract concepts, its struggles with all of our tests. Consciousness and the human soul is not something tech can currently mimic and until philosophically humans can define terms like "consciousness" and "life," trying to mimic thought may ultimately hit unconquerable barriers.

Before you start using ChatGPT or Gemini to write that next article or have a graphic created, give us a call. We are working to get our hands around AI, but more importantly, making sure its tempered. Until then, perhaps embracing your human nature and putting real effort into your marketing could be the very thing that makes you stand out.