Free Website Research Tools

Below are some free tools on the Web to help you find out more information about your website. These tools are not created by IntegrisDesign® but they can be useful

Find Out Where Your Website Is Hosted

Some businesses don't know where their freelancer or agency is actually hosting their website. This tool will give you a quick answer. Click here to find out where your website is hosted.


  • Cross-Reference with this article to see if your website is hosted on questionable hosting. Some agencies and freelancers use cheap hosting to maximize their profits at your expense. Click here to learn more.

Find Out Where Your Domain Is Registered

You need to know where your website address (otherwise known as a domain or URL) is registered. Find out by clicking here.


  • If you see your information, then your information is public. You should always privatize your domains.
  • If you see your developer's information instead of yours, either make sure you have extreme confidence in your developer or immediately request an update to your information. The registered person on the domain is technically the owner.