Learn and Save Money With Personal Web Coaching

This plan is for anyone who has a business and wants to work with a professional in a hands-on experience to optimize their online presence. Regularly, we will meet with your team in Zoom sessions to gradually work on your website and marketing. It's no secret web development is saturated with confusion. This is your opportunity to work with real-life experience to help build the right plan for your business.

How it works:

  • Initial audit. We will audit your current Adwords campaign and website.
  • Competitive analysis. Our team will assess your top competitors’ ad strategy to help build a training schedule.
  • On a regular schedule, we will meet, train, and setup “homework” to be conducted between each meeting.
  • On the following meeting, we will discuss your challenges, successes and continually build momentum for your business.
  • This plan does not include any hands-on work. The client will be responsible for making web changes and Google Ad adjustments.

Who Should Consider Web Coaching?

Our web coaching service is tailored for proactive business owners seeking a dynamic and engaging approach. Since its introduction in 2023, this service has gained substantial popularity. The driving force behind its success is the recognition of an industry saturated with promises that often fall short. With the influx of newcomers transitioning into web development without the necessary experience, skepticism and frustration among business owners have understandably emerged.

In response, we've crafted a program designed to empower you gradually in managing your online presence. The feedback thus far has been incredibly positive.

Please note that our offering is highly exclusive due to the need for an exceptionally seasoned coach.

It's essential to understand that, like any effective marketing strategy, this isn't an instant solution. Improvements in marketing and design are incremental and evolve over time. Additionally, we do provide supplementary design and "hands-on" services at an extra cost.