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Today the internet is filled with shark-infested waters. Those who are at the top of the game are at the top by a large margin. If you’re not first, you’re second. And if you're second then you’re drowning and getting eaten alive.

  • Bing is second place to Google and it hardly exists in comparison.

    “According to Statista, in February 2021, Bing accounted for 6.7% of the global search market, while Google took 86.6%.” (

  • YouTube barely has a competitor.

    “There's no real competition here. YouTube commands an audience of over two billion monthly users -- almost half of the entire internet-using population. Vimeo's 240 million monthly viewers and 90 million registered users seem insignificant in contrast. For maximum reach, choose YouTube.” (

  • Windows easily decimates the desktop market.

    Microsoft Windows is the dominating desktop operating system (OS) worldwide as of June 2021, with a share of just under 73 percent. (

The businesses that win online win big. Everyone else gets to share the scraps in the pigpen.

If you’re struggling to figure out the best way to cost-effectively create profitable marketing for yourself online – you’re not alone. There seems like a near-endless number of ways to market yourself online.

You probably feel overwhelmed by all the options. Should you use Facebook Marketing? LinkedIn ads? Email? AdWords? And even if you knew which funnel your clients were on – do you know how to use it?

Do you want to lose money faster than a drunk gambler? Here’s a hint: let one of Google’s sweet AdWords “consultants” help you manage your ad campaign. I guarantee you; your head will spin with how fast you’re losing money. These guys are raw newbies hired by Google to make you lose money as fast as possible.

Technology Changes But Human Psychology Remains The Same

Take for example the sales funnel. Most businesses (and consultants) do not know how to properly market based on where a prospective customer is in the buying funnel. It's extremely common for marketing firms to give a cheap advertising cost based on the "Top The Funnel (TOF)", when you need a strategy that includes numerous aspects of where the customer is in the buying cycle.


What about email?

Do you want to spend hours agonizing over a blank word doc not knowing what to write? When to email? How often? (In the meantime, you’re losing money not doing the things you know you should be doing to make the best use of your time and skills.)

Be honest, are you losing sleep at night over your marketing problems?

What if TODAY you could get a grip on most if not all of your marketing problems?

My name is Ken Carroll, co-founder of IntegrisDesign®, and we are known for creating marketing magic. Personally, I’m AdWords Certified, have won multiple awards with my SEO (and more importantly, made my clients money), and have over 20 years of experience working with some of the world's biggest brands.

I can get you more inbound calls from qualified leads than you know what to do with. You can wake up every morning with an inbox full of referrals. You will learn exactly what marketing channel to use when to use it, how to use it, and the best way to use it.

There are many “Internet Marketer Specialists” out there. There’s plenty of guys if you only want email, or only want to use Facebook or only want to use AdWords.

But I can help you on a big-picture level as few others can. Marketing is a complex amalgamation of moving parts. And it takes a true grizzled veteran to know how they all move together.

When they are working together, you become the monolith of your niche.

Imagine being the leader of your field. You will be flooded with hot and ready leads just itching to buy. We will do our best to make you number 1.

I can only work with so many people at one time. That’s why it’s imperative that you right now set an appointment with me for a  F-R-E-E consultation. I’m not going to use sleazy high-pressure sales tactics on you. We’re just going to talk and see if I can help you. If I can, great, if not, no hard feelings and we go our separate ways.

You’re doing yourself a true disservice if you don’t consult with me asap. It’s free, what’s there to lose?

To Higher Profits and Better Margins,

Ken Carroll

P.S. Remember, if you're not first, your last!

Do You Need To Find More Customers?

Do You Need To Find More Customers?

Since 2006, our focus has been to create a cost-effective & trusted service for marketing & design. We offer a complete solution that includes consultation, planning, design, marketing & support. We know our customers by name and take the time to understand what makes their business unique.